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As part of our recent merger a new website will be launched on January 20, 2020. We are making every effort to preserve the simplicity and power that exist currently while updating to give you the best of both worlds.

During this roll out your experience may vary. Please log in to new site with your existing credentials.


E4 Insurance Services, is an independent brokerage insurance agency that offers high-level expertise for life, annuity and health agents.

Agents and clients face many challenges, specifically how to track and understand the performance of insurance partners in an environment that is constantly changing.

E4 is able to provide top tier resources for agents and their clients by working directly with these advanced markets, bank-owned life insurance and the trust-owned life insurance. 


Innovative Approaches Yield Impressive Results

"AiM" Policy Review

Dan developed an exclusive review process to help advisors and their clients maximize their policies.

The process takes advantage of the latest innovations, products, and financial strategies. 


IRA Maximization

This analysis provides education and highlights the benefits of utilizing IRA money (not needed for income)

to purchase life insurance as a means to maximize the amount left for their heirs. 


Long-Term Care Analysis

E4's specialized long-term care team has over a decade of experience with complex cases. 


Objectivity Marketing Review

Insurance Planning Through an Advisory Lens



"Land As Your Legacy"(Nationwide Farm Program

Dan was recognized for his expertise in farm succession planning when he became the first independent advisor to be certified in this program. Dan has consulted and developed plans for hundreds of family farms as closely held businesses. 



  Point of Sale Support for Advisors

How We are Different...

Advisors and other insurance professionals choose E4IS as their lead insurance team for our consultative and unbiased approach. We communicate on every aspect of the solutions we recommend. We focus on you and your clients' best interest, not on an insurance carrier. The real benefit you have is the knowledge, accessibility, confidence, and positive feedback that you will gain by providing your clients' insurance needs and risk management thoroughly and efficiently. 

Virtual Technology: Calculators and Instant Quoters 

Detailed Underwriting to markedly improve rates

E-Apps and iGo (select carriers)

Drop Tickets capability

Large premium life insurance care expertise

Building referrals among your client base

Advanced Markets expertise

Annuity and Health product expertise

Bank owned life insurance

Deferred Compensation

Agent portal to monitor cases and industry news

E4 support and more!



Online Quoting Tools 


E4 provides the newest technology to our partners. Consumer-facing online quoting tools puts increases your market presence and business.


These tools allow clients to accurately calculate their needs and receive instant quotes from top carriers. With drop-ticket capability, the process can be done in minutes compared to lengthy paper applications. 


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